Liam Miller

Miller’s fall from grace continues with the news that Keane has told him he’s not needed at Sunderland anymore and they’re looking to send him off on loan to a lower division.

Don’t like the guy but Ireland aren’t blessed with central midfielders at the moment and I still hoped he could rediscover some form. Watched Celtic - Lyon from a few years back on Celtic TV the other day and Miller came on and was superb. Celtic had a cracking spell when he was on the pitch but he looked a real class act.

Miller surplus to Sunderland requirements
27/02/2008 - 12:06:15

Sunderland midfielder Liam Miller has been told he can leave the club.

The 27-year-old Republic of Ireland international has been told he is free to find another club 18 months after his arrival on Wearside.

Miller is currently fighting his way back from a calf injury and Sunderland manager Roy Keane had spoken last week of a possible comeback for the reserves this evening.

Transfer regulations mean the former Celtic, Manchester United and Leeds player could only join a Football League club on an emergency loan deal before the end of the season.

Quick on the draw there Rocko. Funny they say “Sunderland midfielder Liam Miller has been told he can leave the club.” What the club actually means is “Sunderland midfielder Liam Miller has been told to leave the club.”

never really rated miller…thought he was foolish to go to united that time even though you could really blame him…if he had gone to a mid table team or stayed at celtic he probably would have developed better…i not huge on celtic information but im sure a few here would know better than me but i doubt miller was going to get a good run in that celtic team at the time if he had stayed put…

Was Keane not ranting and raving about Miller not being selected and it was a non-Cork bias shown in the FAI?

He’d have gotten a run alright. O’Neill wasn’t the quickest at bringing players through but once you’d earned his loyalty he became very faithful. Injuries conspired to give Miller an opportunity and he took it. He became a starter in the CL and league games, up until his injury (same time he signed the pre-contract) and even came on in a few important games after then - the match in Barcelona for example when Celtic knocked Barca out of the UEFA Cup.

The main reason for the bitterness I think is that Celtic stuck by him despite the fact he hadn’t played first team football until he was 21 or whatever. He had loads of injuries as a youth player and when he was out on loan in Denmark. Celtic fans expected him to contribute more than 5 months’ service before he left for nothing.

Good point GMan. Keane was raging about how Miller was good enough for Ireland. Mysteriously a few months later he’s not good enough for Sunderland.

Wasnt Keane ranting and raving after the Brazil friendly that Miller had got injured during the game? Its only 2 or 3 weeks ago. Why was he so worried if he was going to show him the door a few weeks later? Maybe theres more to this than meets the eye.

There may well have been some kind of incident there alright. Anyway, apparently Miller is a total toe rag who’s been on the charlie for years, and got slapped around last time he went home to Ballincollig.

aye, maybe Keane was wanting Miller to get a few games centre mid for Ireland and playing international games would up his value a bit should he be sold on. could be a devious plan by Keane all along, especially as he isn’t one for thinking players should turn up for every international.

Are you sure you’re not thinking of Colin Healy?

Pretty sure those rumours related to Colin Healy too. I used to have anger towards Liam Miller, now it’s more disdain. I look forward to reading about his exploits with Norwich City. Misguided, money-grabbing fool.

Liam Miller never could be the next Roy Keane. Them champions league games with Celtic portrayed him as being decent but was found out at the worlds best football club. :wink:

According to the Irish Times today Miller was late for training twice in a week and that’s why Keane wants rid of him.

but he forgives Stokes for being late for a league game? would have thought there was more priority on a game than training. Keane is a walking contradiction. Everything he said as a player, he is going against now. Everything he does as a manager, he contradicts himself within a short space of time.

Miller mightn’t be a goner yet. Keane watched him play a reserves game and said he was very impressed. He still has a chance of staying if his timekeeping improves.

Liam Miller “best late excuses”

I was helping Alf Inge Haaland cross the road.
I was at Stephen Ireland’s Granny’s funeral.
Mick McCarthy assured me you wouldn’t be a stickler for time.
I was waiting for Anthony Stokes to pick me up.
I was back in Langerland supporting Da Rebels strike and according to Mr Frank Murphy this is quite excusable for a Corkonian.
I had a dodgy prwan sambo the night before
I was helping Graham and Harty pack their bags
I couldnt find my autograph book
I was waitin in “line” for me bus with arty and stokesy

A few rumours circulating that Liam is in Marymount hospice with pancreatic cancer although this report suggests he’s in Scotland . Sad news regardless

Liam is flying home to start treatment — No quite getting his last rites yet.

Christ, why would you be flying to Ireland to get treatment.

You get a better class of chemo in Ireland apparently …

Maybe just wants to be near family?

Why are you so negative at the moment Ambrose? You’re bringing down the natural feel good nature of TFK.