Liam Miller


I would have assumed you’d get a much better class of treatment from the NHS, nothing negitive about that.


why would you assume that?




I had to reverse out of that.


There is fuck all come back from pancreatic cancer anyway. Poor bastard.


Crikey that’s a bit shit, poor guy.


That’s awful, I got to know Liam a bit when he trained with our club a few times while he was based in Denmark, maybe during the winter break?? Very nice fella, absolutely no airs and graces when he joined in with us


Lads the bews is bad. Its pancreatic Cancer alright and he is in bad enough shape.


Ah no, think pancreatic is nearly the worst out of all of them. Something like a 4% survival rate five years after diagnosis. Horrendous.


poor guy




Things looking a bit better for Liam hopefully.



Was at dinner and it was mentioned. Came on here to find out.

TFK, the truth




Poor chap. Awful news. RIP


Awful news . RIP .



Thats very sad.


Dreadful news R.I.P.


Shocking news. RIP