Limerick City

Is there a more embarrassing affront to our dead patriots than this city? Full of tinkers, criminals and most distasteful of all - the stronghold of Irish rugby.

:angry: :angry: :angry:


Well said, mate. Full of backward hunter gatherer stab and kill type scumbags. I fucking hate Limerick but we have a plethora of forum members from there.

This is primarily a Limerick based board and we’re here to stay. So put up with it, fella.

That’s Limerick cittttty, kid!

I’m going to defend my Munster breathern here. For all the things wrong with Limerick, its still pales into insignificance on murders and general amount of scumbags to Dublin. Only difference is there are a good few more posh parts to Dublin that gloss over the rest of it.

If Dublin didn’t have Croke Park i really don’t know what use it would be at all.

You’re not a fan of sweeping generalisations Kev are you?

You’re not a fan of banter are you?

Hear mate, unless you come from an area covered by the legendary Cork/Limerick/Tipperary Brigades from the War of Independence then you can fuck off trying to lay claim to our patriot dead.

At a canter mate.


hook hat hony hnows he hcore

Turenne is the only decent Limerick poster on TFK.

Your dead patriots would run a mile from the monster you’ve created. :angry:

Well said mate. :clap: The rest of the country shamed themselves with their cowardice. We should have just fought for the Munster Republic and left the rest of them to frolic with the British themselves.

While they were up in Dublin making tea for the Tans, we were busy pummeling them with Mills bombs.

thats what you basically did when you sold out the 6

not too many limerick patriots come to mind- can you name 5?

is the flag of limerick a white flag which has been in use eversince they surrendered to cromwell


It’s not too late

:clap: :clap:

when you can count men of the likes of patrick sarsfield, liam lynch, sean south, michael brennan, sean finn, the de Lacys, john o’mahony and vincent browne amongst your number we’ll be more inclined to pay you heed.