Limerick GAA 2023 - League, Munster & All-Ireland champions. They’ve won the lot, even 2inarow Young Scientist of the year. Booker Prize champions 2023. The Immortals. Four-midable The 🐐

So the talk seems to be - they have been using Gunning out the field in challenge matches so interesting to see where he plays. Moylan and a few others from last years minors are in the mix too

I haven’t seen the two wing backs selected play I don’t think, but if they’re both better than Harrington we must be seriously well set.

Davy fitz was in with the seniors training

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To be fair, they were the two starting wing-backs against Cork last year (both started all 4 games and Vince wasn’t even on the panel). Scully is the captain and would be the big name of this group outside of SOB and Davy was on the senior panel this year.

There was some thinking that Vince might be at 3 if Langan was at 7. Or if Scully was at 6, Vince could have slotted in at wing-back. So it’s really Matthew Fitz that has taken his slot more than anyone. Although I thought it’d be Sean Casey at 6.

Probably will be rotation as the campaign goes on though; there’s only 2 natural backs on the bench as far as I can see so Vince & Casey would seem to be covering a fair few positions between them.


I presume this will still go ahead in Sixmilebridge. Looking forward to it. Just maybe a daft question but would Joe Fitz be better around midfield, plays all his hurling there for Monaleen and Kiely tried him there once or twice this year.

Pitch inspection in a few minutes

Potentially would but I don’t think they’re overloaded with full-back line players, same as last year.

Like Darragh Langan is almost certainly a better wing-back than full-back. I don’t think I’d call Mikey Fitzgibbon a natural corner-back either.

Match is going ahead.


Wouldnt be too familiar with many atvthis age group unfortunately


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I think it’s a promising-looking team.

Obviously the 2021 & 2022 minors didn’t do great but the 2021 minors only had one game and although they were well-beaten by Cork; they still got closer than anybody else. Point being, very hard to judge them, other than they weren’t as good as an exceptional Cork side.

2022 minors had a disappointing season for sure.

But the 2023 minors were a good crop, they beat the eventual All-Ireland champions Clare and were full value for the victory. They lost to them in the semi-final but just a complete no-show in the first half; that can sometimes happen at minor. I’d still say they wouldn’t be too far off the very best times at that age.

And obviously players develop at different rates: Oisin O’Farrell wasn’t even coming on as a minor 3 years ago and will probably be the freetaker tonight. Pierce Connery is obviously new to goals. The likes of Fintan Fitz, Darragh Langan, Wayne Kearns are on the back of big club seasons. I’d be hopeful that they can put something decent together.


Does this mean advantage to the Limerick hammer throwers?

We’re a sweltering heat team

Is this on tg4?

It could be a case of conditions allowing the more skillful team excel. We’ll have to see what best fits the narrative after the fact.

Tg4 YouTube

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This will be 50/50 tonight. Clare slight favourites with home advantage.

Ah lads what sort of camera are they using ffs

Camera angle is appalling. A bit like the Limerick midfield so far.

How has the Clare full back not been booked yet?