Limerick GAA 2024

Plenty of good prospects there.


How serious will Cork be taking this?

Patrick O’Donovan at 11 is great to see. Quality prospect.

A chance to go back to back munster leagues will be a big deal for them


Used to be a time when there would be holy war on here over these early season team selections.


That’s a fairly strong Cork team named .Looks like they’re looking to put down a Corkness marker.
However I expect this Limerick C team to be too much for them.

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It means a lot to them

Good Limerick selection, be worth a look.

Clare v Limerick is now SOLD OUT.

That’s on the 2023 thread.

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I think this is the first time we’ve done a yearly thread. Gone like Kilkenny

It’s the first sign that the cracks are beginning to show.

We’re fucked

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Pretty sure they were nearly all continuations that were renamed.

We did have two threads but I think that was due to us being in a half way house while moving servers.

Bouncers putting in a stand on the floodlit pitch.

They’ve spent a fair bit of money on facilities recently; if they could do something about the wind, they’d be golden.


That’s a fair set up now

Fair play to them.

A line ball behind the stand might have to be taken hockey style.

Teege will have to do three or four podcasts from the stand to pay for it

God’s country

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