Limerick GAA - All-Ireland senior hurling champions 2018


Maybe she should try the Michelle Mulherrin trick


Woolly has never seen a bigger set of forwards than limerick… Has he seen Galway?


Woolie is as dumb a cunt as has a platform of any sort


I like him. The show does a better analysis of games than off the ball anyway. He really needs to ditch Hayes though.


Peter Casey scored 1-6 in a challenge for the 21s apparently.


‘Twas 2-6 I heard last night. I presume he’ll get some minutes v Clare and a full game in the 21s.


I presume you have ditched your plan for him at centre forward? It’s corner forward only for me. I thought it was a mistake playing him deep in the replay against Cuala albeit he was injured and probably shouldn’t have played.


That was more a start of the year thing. Try it and see how it goes. I think he could be a similar type player to richie hogan tbh. Very small but extremely strong and very good in the air. Obviously lethal to score too. We’ve a serious amount of lads for the fullforward line but a small bit lighter in lads for the half forward line. Would love to see it tried sometime.


Maybe but hard to see with the current game plan we have. I would be more worried about injuries to the half back line and Lynch Hayes and O’Donovan at this stage. No real depth in replacements there although hoping I am proved wrong if it happens. I was iffy about Dowling starting yesterday and was gladly proved wrong.


I learned little or nothing from yesterday’s game. One thing was I was delighted/shocked at how fit the Dow is. His reaction to not getting a run is exactly how Gillane needs to react too. No sulking. Just have to take your chance when it comes along.


That’s it. I hope Dowling doesn’t appear on Off the Ball or some other outlets. Can be too honest with his opinion at times and we just need to keep trucking along and keep our profile low. Would be hoping Hickey shows a similar response because no doubt he will get a chance again.


Ye have two lovely new gimmicks this season

  1. Somone or other is ‘setting the heather ablaze’

  2. The Dow

Gas fuckers


Lads yere forgetting the elephant in the room which is croke park. Haven’t won there since 2007 is it? A painful collapse in 2013,had Kilkenny on the ropes in 2014 and blew it. Serious baggage with limerick.


No reason why Shane shouldn’t return calls from OTB or anyone else, it’s only a game


Limerick wernt setting the heather ablaze at that stage though tbf


I’d love if kiely introduced a total media black out.


We didn’t have the same ‘cut’ those years either😉


The heavens opened that day in 2014 vs Kilkenny. Got soaked on the hill. A depressing drive home after :sleepy:


I was wet until I got home to Limerick five hours after. A surreal day. We are twice the team now, no doubt. The difference in movement and work rate is poles apart.


Can’t forget the Falcon