Limerick GAA - All-Ireland senior hurling champions 2018


I went to a Dunnes stores in Dublin and bought a towel and dry clothes after it.


I was just about under cover… a mere 5/6 rows in front of me were soaked.


I am fairly sure they called the falcon ‘Slippy’ in honor of their hero Séamus Hickey, he still sits on his perch in Abu Dhabi talking about getting lost around Dublin.


I’ve blocked that day out if my memory.


I felt a hundred times better coming out of Croker that day compared to 12 months previously. I was certain we had established ourselves as contenders. Alas things went rapidly downhill after that😭


I was actually seething that day. Fucking proper seething. Not at the ref. Not at Kilkenny. We had their balls squeezed and couldn’t finish them off.


We weren’t good enough . We had three chances to equalize and never did before they went two up .


That’s why I was seething




Je suis Colette .


We have them beaten here already,rattled to their very core.


They have no fucking core . The cunts are hollow as an empty smarties tube .


Were you wearing the half and half jersey that day?


To post this I have to say I am mortified for the people of Clare.


We have half the tickets so there is fcuk all they can do!!


I hope to fuck it’s mostly Limerick.
We have them rattled already.


Cc. @glenshane. Start buttering the bread


you should bite off their effin kneecaps and spit them in their effin faces.


Are ypu taking sides already?



Derry are out. I’m a gun for hire