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Not at all. At least Kiely has credibility on his CV, unlike the Politically Motivated Undertstudy before him. He is at a considerable disadvantage though in that he does not have the support of the top table because it’s no secret that they wanted Daly and in Limerick there are plenty cunts who will work against you whether or not you are doing well enough.


No A Daly please . He’s not good enough . Would Ruin Us Completely .


Your use of "completely " is telling .


Hate to break this to you because you’re clearly absorbed by it all, mate.

Kiely is the Politically Motivated Understudy.



We’ll make sure he never gets the gig.


Its a tough life you have.


Qualifer draw is tomorrow week is it?


Its good to hear David Dempsey bagged himself a hat trick of goals in the club championship the other night.

He has gone under the radar to an extent but is consistently performing well for club and county.


Doon were filthy against us but we had more than enough hurling for them.


Good to see Doon using timber . They have been too nice for too long .


What a twist!


Bom bom bom


Ye are into the knockouts pretty much now!

Croom lost again today, I reckon they will stay up though. Should have too much for whoever comes bottom in the other group.


St. Kierans with 2 draws. How in the name of God? They are just terrible.


The standard at intermediate is fairly poor. A lot of dross.


One intermediate tier is enough in Lk .


There should be eight in it like the premier and they should work that down and introduce a Junior C championship as well. At the moment it’s an awful lot harder to get out of Junior A than to stay intermediate.


Croom & Knockaderry meet in the next round of fixtures and the loser more than likely goes to the relegation playoff.
Crooms demise has been frightening.


I noted PM O’Sullivan wondering in the Cork Examiner the other day why Limerick have disimproved so much since TJ Ryan masterminded that smashing 2014 semi-final display against Kilkenny:

"Last weekend, Clare saw off Limerick by four points in underwhelming fashion. While the result surprised few observers, the winners were expected to perform rather better. A friend, neutral in the matter, texted afterwards: “Limerick trying to hurl like Mary I. Tippy tappy feckology. Clare not much better. Closer to lacrosse than hurling.” Hard to dissent. Last weekend lacked hurling’s tensile qualities. Remember Limerick pinning Kilkenny right to the wire in 2014’s elemental All-Ireland semi-final? Kilkenny and Tipp produced two games for the pantheon in the subsequent decider. Back then, Limerick hovered near wondrous altitudes.

How did they disimprove so much, two minor All-Ireland final appearances and an U21 All-Ireland later? The query should be put. Everything is a boggle, including the conditioning of certain Limerick players. As of 2017, their minimum requirements are a goalkeeper, a corner-back, a full-back, a midfielder, a centre-forward, a corner-forward, and a captain."