Limerick GAA - Box Office


Multiple headshots.


He’s not wrong. At least we have centre back sorted for once.


Hard to disagree with any of that. We’ve wasted 2 years (likely to be 3 shortly) with little or no improvement.


The 2011 U21s have a lot to answer for. Thanks Christ the 2015 shower produced a few backs (and maybe even a few forwards). Tell PM we’ll be in better fettle in a year or two.


There is not one sentence there that I can disagree with


Limerick are producing too many forwards, it’s about time we produced a few backs.


A few scoring forwards wouldn’t be bad either


And a few midfielders. And a goalie.


A couple of coaches and a manager would be great too.


It’d be harm if there was some competition for sponsor as well.


A decent county board would be a good start


What we need is the Fitz family.


Yea but this is what we got


Thats splendid. Limerick need to get Joe McKenna and Anthony Daly back involved before its too late.


Parachute in Richie Bennis.


No, Joe and Anthony shaped those young men as minors, they are the only ones who can save them now.


Which minors ?


All of them. Joe is needed by Limerick, more than ever.


Both those teams will beat Drom/Broadford or St. Kieran’s, or even Hospital/Herbertstown, I’d say.


It’s a great pity cappamore didn’t beat adare Saturday evening.