Limerick GAA - it's Box Office - Always Has Been, Always Will Be


Presume so.

A golf club getting money is fucking ridiculous.


Aughanish Diving Club - 12k :smile:


Why so? Most golf clubs are conpletely broke


Hospital is a big place for the handball


Thats the one that jumped out at me. :grinning: Adare haven’t done too bad either and of course Donovan did his local clubs proud. All coincidence.

Golf isn’t a sport and so shouldn’t get a penny.

Soccerball is a waste of money.


Two grand for boxing in Rathkeale!


Kilteely 76k



You might turn blueshirt yet.


Ironic that Pat Donovan himself probably never set foot inside the gate of any sports field of any description


In fairness, they should be given as much as anyone. They are doing great work there. They’d deserve 20/30k a lot more than some of those other clubs


Correct. We’ll even forget Joe Williams raising money for the Ladies Gaelic Football and transferring it to the boxing.


Adare cycling for example.


Agreed when you see some of the clubs that got more … . They have a grand little set up and are producing many all Ireland titles .


No need to now.


12k for fat Protestant solicitors to parade around in Lycra and block the roads of West Limerick every Sunday.


The cricket club must be seething.


Sounds just like Didsbury now that you mention it.

flatty come home.


It does. It really does. Didn’t see hide nor hair of them even ten years ago.
Lycra is useful but should be banned over a20%bmi.


Clare should be better at U-21 level this year, but I’d still fancy our chances.

You’d expect Tipp to be a lot lot stronger, obviously had quite a strong minor team in 15.


Alright sort Jim hartnett isn’t taking prince Harry’s engagement too well on Facebook.