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New format for the Munster minor hurling championship. Same format as Munster senior championship with the minor matches acting as a curtain raiser to the senior matches.

Decent idea, each team getting four matches now.


What happens then ??


Then the winners get feted like Gods and the losers are jeered till our throats are sore.


Much bigger fan of that format for minor level where the teams change from year to year and games are probably the most important thing at minor level, more important than actually winning really.


We’ve withdrawn from the McGrath Cup for 2018.


Lovely,we are all in on beating those Laois cunts in Div 4!


I’d say it could be mid 2000’s since we last met you lot in a competitive game. We really are down with the dregs now alright.


The worst of the worst!


Still, the weekend in London will be a bit of craic if nothing else.


Proper order. no point wasting money on football.


In the middle of leaving cert and junior cert.
A few 17s still sit the leaving while a lot of 16s will be doing the junior.


Club hurling is finished. All but dead. Twill be worse than rugby.


Has anyone played championship for us in the last few years who hasn’t come up through the academy?

Will O’Donoghue probably would have played this year but for injury, not sure if he was in the academy. Played u21 football alright, can’t remember if he played minor or u21 hurling.


That’s some dose if you’re doing the Leaving in the middle of those matches. Cork the June Bank Holiday weekend, Waterford a fortnight later and then Clare the week after.


Played U-21 hurling the year Carey was in charge, 2014 possibly?

Don’t think he played minor, but could have been in the academy teams at 14s or 15s, not sure on that.




He didn’t play 21 hurling because he went on a J1 in 2015


William was captain of the minor team when Shane Fitzgibbon was manager , not sure what year. He got no game time in challenges and removed himself from the panel. Gearoid Hegarty did the same thing the same year as he couldn’t get a game either.


That isn’t quite accurate. Hegarty was the 27th man on that panel or whatever it’s called and then dropped himself off.


Bit more detail here.