Limerick GAA - it's Box Office - Always Has Been, Always Will Be


Despite being no where near as developed physically, Limerick fucked themselves into everything second half and that’s what I’m really happy about… The win was just a bonus.


You are not going to bully this Limerick team.


Touhy should be ashamed of himself. no need for that.


Needs a ban for that


Besides the Quaids who are we talking about here?
Young Flanagan looks like a real prospect alright


Dangerous and cowardly…he definitely could do with a months reflection.


Keith Higgens did something quite similar, albeit with his knee, last season when Galway played Mayo. I called for a 3 month ban then and would do so again now. No place for that bs in sport


I’d say he didn’t deliberately target that particular body part, he seemed to have his helmet hanging off and was looking at the ground, you’d hope so anyway



No place for it whatsoever…murphy was lucky that he wasnt v badly hurt.


John Flanagan. And it’s remarkable the amount of Quaids that played for Limerick, the twins Jack & Jim, Tommy, Joe, John and Mike all played for Limerick at some level. Tommy Junior, Nicky, and Jack (all Tommy’s kids) and a cousin Damien played underage and minor and senior football even though he is Rathkeale club.

In recent years Jamie Butler, Seán Flanagan, Mike Fitzgibbon, Barry Lynch all played Minor, U21, Intermediate with Limerick.


My wife’s granny was from the village in Feoghanagh, they had a pub there long ago, is it pronounced Feohana or Feonaha? Strange question I know




I would assume so, my missus always pronounces it the other way and she’s only a few miles out the road from it


It makes me sick this cunt Anthony Daly is being mentioned as being a part of today’s success.


There is two villages in limerick one is feeeeenagh and one is fioooooonnaaaa

Only a few miles apart maybe thats the confusion




Was the slain detective Seamus also of the same clan?


He was I think


Yes he was. Played hurling with Wexford