Limerick GAA - it's Box Office - Always Has Been, Always Will Be


Things picking up as soon he fucks off.


Fe-oh-hanna said all in one go. Feohanagh used to be the name of the Hurling club and Castlemahon for the Football but I think they go by Feohanagh/Castlemahon for both now, it’s the one club anyway not separate clubs


He’s worse than Sheedy for the cash I’d say.


If I was saying the full club name I’d say Feeona/Cashelmahon but if I was saying it on its own I’d say Feohana


Ff- yo - Hanna


He has to be at some stage. If hickey is fit the next day I’d drop Byrnes. I’d be hopeful he’ll be one of our top players again by summer, that’s his level, but he is not playing well at the moment and his decisions to keep going for hail Mary’s rather than hitting the ball to a set of forwards that are performing well need to be checked. Everyone else on the panel is playing for their place, he should be too. Hickey at 6 and hannon on the wing next day for me.

Yep. They didn’t play too bad, the wides were killing then tbough, same or similar number of chances for scores as Galway had.


No more fussing about the pronunciation of Feohanagh please.


Byrnes had a good last 45 minutes . Dropping him is not an option .


You can’t be moving Hannon. He’s reveling in the role.


Not long back from Galway, held up over an hour on the motorway as there was an accident and traffic was at a standstill. Missus and children put to bed, hoping I can stay awake to watch the recording on tg4 and then the highlights on league Sunday. Great second half, great heart, great spirit, Galway went totally flat but I thought our defence was heroic in that second half, all six of them, and even Kyle Hayes getting back to get in a few serious blocks.
Most impressive thing for me is the number of players who may have been considered peripheral players really stepping up to the mark throughout the league. Murphy and Flanagan were our two best forwards today and while he ran himself into trouble at times and maybe panicked by giving away a few silly passes, Tom Morrissey got through a huge amount of work. Last year with the u21s, Morrissey and Murphy were generally first to be subbed while Flanagan didn’t feature at all, now they are doing the business at senior level. Credit to the management and the lads themselves for this. At half time, you’d probably have said we could do with 5 or 6 of the na Piarsaigh lads, at the end you’d be questioning how many of them would make our first 15. That’s the beauty of sport, hopefully other guys will step up to the mark next week. Kiely at this stage probably hasn’t a clue what fifteen will take the field against Tipp. There’s something bubbling here, I just hope we can keep building


No one is indispensable. If not now when.


The sneering, nodding head on the cunt on the analysis tonight. Boils my piss.


Not for Seamus Hickey . Byrnes had a good second half today . The odd bad wide is part of the package .

And fwiw I still think we beat a team that is looking at August today .


I’m not saying the positions are all pinned down but the resources are there to cover off most lines fairly well. Eg full back line it should be three of the four from today’s full back line plus Casey. Half forward line will be Hayes and hegarty plus one other. Half back is more open to change, i expect hannon and hickey plus one other. It’s taking shape a bit.


Agree but it is still a very good win given the relative starting points of both teams, we’re going in the right direction. Hickey is in the team for me every time.


We all know we beat an undercooked Galway today, a side who are probably 6 weeks behind Limerick in preparation. But it is the context, the fact that so many “fringe” players who not many would have thought much of have really stepped forward and taken their chance. The fact we had been 7 years trying to get out of 1B. We would have lost that game last year, most years in fact. It was just satisfying to see them take the hits, get rightly stuck in physically against a side that were bigger and stronger and not give a fuck in that second half. I thought Cian Lynch was outstanding when we needed him most,he really steered us home down the final stretch.

Fully expect Clare to beat us next week. Our goals are achieved for the league, word is there is a well deserved few celebratory stops on the way home from Galway tonight and it’ll be very difficult for Limerick to get themselves back to earth for a cut at Clare. They’ve put in savage work since October/November to gain promotion, I wouldn’t expect a win next week tbh but we’re building nicely towards the summer


I expect they’ll want more wins. We’ll year into Clare. Bring it on @Joe_Player


I’m not saying they’ll not want to win the match, I’m saying the crazed hunger that was there today and the relief/delight clearly evident at the end won’t be in the equation next weekend, that’s just the reality. Limerick players will be walking on air for the week, hard to then readjust the mindset for Clare on Sunday


I wouldn’t say that I’d fully expect Clare to beat us next week, that game is at least 50 50


Was there “ bottles on the bus “ ???