Limerick GAA - it's Box Office - Always Has Been, Always Will Be


Cheddar is a gentleman and a scholar. He may need to develop a bit bite in his comments if he’s to make it in the punditry game, but I doubt he has it in him, nor would he care to.


I am kind of hope limerick win give them two dumpies nothing to fall back on come summer and Clare a new manager by November


He never bites when Woolly invites him to speculate. Too wide.




Back off Joe.


Have you turned on the manager again Joe?


It is Clare by ten Joe.


We’ll see how he gets on against O’Callaghan Saturday. I can see him wearing the No. 3 shirt for Limerick yet. Possibly this year. Richie had an OK game last Sunday but he was badly caught for the first goal. And will be targeted again. Hickey not the solution either.


I think English is the long term solution for full back tbh . He should be getting game time there .


I know Galway mightn’t haven’t been great at the weekend but the two boys were class, bar a slight mistake by Finn for the goal (and he was blatantly fouled). Beat their men to everything - strong, quick, brave, good positioning and used the ball well when they got it.


Yes : both were very good . Two good lads . Finn did a cruciate remember .


That was basically mccarthys first game of the year too. So he’ll have needed the match practice. Thing about corner backs is the Jersey is probably yours till you get roasted. Finn and English will start come championship.


English played his best game since the u21 final against Galway. Casey was ahead of English last year on form but he’ll find it hard to dislodge English now.


Ya it’s no harm in having depth. Must be noted English had a nasty injury to his hand in 2016 and that may have effected him.


I think Downes’s views on rubby would make him popular round here :clap:


Ah that’s sensational. :clap::clap::clap::clap:


A shame his uncle doesnt hold the same view


Ha! I was trying to cc yourself and bobby E there, but was having some difficulties, but knew ye’d like it :blush:


I know mate. Sad state of affairs.


Vol Kevin Downes is not his uncle’s keeper.