Limerick GAA - it's Box Office - Always Has Been, Always Will Be


I would have Jamie Shanahan starting in the half backs 100%, top player. jack browne and Pat O’Connor two huge weak links for me. Super pace in the full forward line. I think it will be a good game.


A fully fit and league hardened Clare should have enough you’d imagine. Be a much better workout for Limerick… I’d imagine Clare have probably got all they want from the league unless they have designs on winning it out?


There was no point in doing 50 sessions a month if they’re not going all out to win it


Might possibly give a bit of breathing space for management if they have any designs on staying on next year, but I get the impression that if they don’t have a successful championship this year they won’t stick on. I’d say winning a league is definitely a secondary consideration


I’d say both managers would be happy with a good solid workout and then just get down to business for championship… Tipp v Clare has much better appeal to it for a semi final.


The thing is Donal and Gerry need silver wear to survive


They’re fucked so in all fairness


I can only listen to the béal bocht stuff for so long


The team that is picked will go all out to win every game. There are places still up for grabs and players need to perform to hold on/win it off someone else. They really want to just continue winning games, and that’s exactly what they need imo.

I wouldn’t actually mind if Kiely rotated one or two to try them against better opposition but I think he’ll go full strength (in his mind) again.

Whether that will be enough to win, remains to be seen.


was really impressed by mike casey in 2017 for the limerick seniors,


He will have to be absolutely flying to get ahead of Finn or English now.


As it should be. They’re all really good players (and Condon still has something to offer too), we know they’ll all do a job, pick it on form.

For too long, we’ve had players guaranteed starts regardless of form.


He was destroyed against Cork in the league last year. I have never been convinced about him for Limerick. I have always been a huge Richie English fan from the start. And now Finn in the other corner simply cannot be dropped either.


Lovely piece with Declan Hannon on FOTF Woolbertos podcast, he seems like a lovely young man. A great leader of men.


any link?



I reckon Duignan said testicles rather than balls on league Sunday because there was a lady present.


Ah no?! :smile:


Two podcasts a week bud. Two For stick stick and two more for bogball.


Listening here … Cheddar is a very decent man.

@Bandage would want to get the finger out before the podcast bubble bursts.