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I’d say a 7-year old traveller lass would intimidate that tiny number 4.


Was our guy not playing?

@TreatyStones, how many of the Bourke brothers lined out for Oola? I recognize 2… Paki finally called it a day?


Not sure to be honest. I think it was only the two.


You’ve bulked up mate




Is he not taking the photo?


The refixed St. Pat’s vs St. Kieran’s game is now set for this Sunday; and the Limerick hurlers are supposed to be away on some training camp. I can only presume they fixed it for the Sunday rather than earlier in the week because Hegarty is available? No point playing without your best player.


The camera literally adds 10 pounds.


Is there not a round of hurling this weekend?


No ; weekend after next .


Where are the Lk hurlers going on training camp ??


Hurling is the last two weekends in April. There was originally supposed to be three rounds of the Premier Intermediate hurling but 5 of the 8 teams would have been out 5 weeks in a row so they moved one round.

This weekend was supposed to be a free weekend then, but obviously the weather put paid to that.


I actually forgot to ask that. :joy:


As I exclusively revealed (I think) a couple of months ago the whole reason for the football starting in March was to allow for a training camp for the hurlers in the middle of the “club” month. I can’t imagine the senior hurling clubs are too happy either about not having access to the their players the week before championship.

Also the Pats v NCW was moved to a Tuesday night to accomodate Hegarty and he didn’t even play in it. Reportedly injured. A lot of the hurlers who were due to play football seem to have picked up injuries and didn’t line out for the football.

The training camp is on in Limerick.


It’s not ideal; in fact it’s a pain in the hole but it’s not new really. I’d say last year, it was only once that clubs had access to their county players the weekend before a Championship fixture (while the hurlers/footballers were still in action obviously).

But most clubs are in the same boat, you just have to try and prepare as best you can.


I’d say @TreatyStones took the 10lbs for the lads on either side of him.


Lahinch. @mac’s recommendation.


There’s far too much going on in that jersey/kit, its a mess.


Robbie Henley returns to the hurling panel. Excellent addition.


Sandy Lane