Limerick GAA - it's Box Office - Always Has Been, Always Will Be


A long time coming. I’m going to enjoy a few pints now.


Was Richie English playing for Oola?

Good win for ye.


The Ballingarry lad starts for the minor footballers on Wednesday night. :ronnyroar:


In the name of Jaysus would ye not go around and threaten to knee cap him if he doesn’t give it up and concentrate on the hurling?


No hurlers for Oola. On the flip side Willie O’Meara got a savage goal for Ballysteen.


Ballysteen taking over


I’m very reliably informed that in a relaxed training session last week before players were sent back to their clubs, 600 spectators turned up to watch our boys.

Box office.


You misheard ; you are describing the Tipperary game .


There was nearly 12 k at the Tipperary game you langer.


600 from Limerick albeit the rugby a factor .


It’s always negativity with you … i’ve a pain in my eyes from it.


I never thought I’d see the day when a Ballysteen man would be trying to claim a Kilcornan man. For shame.


He plays his football with Ballysteen. That’s enough.


He hasn’t much of a choice in the matter I suppose. Ye’ve got a few decent enough players out of them over the years


Did that lad play rugby/ rugby league in town?


I’m not sure on that, not that I’m aware of. Would be a big soccer man.



Look at the fuckers with their pretend Kerry jerseys.


The shorts are a horrible shade of green and don’t mesh well with the green in the jerseys.


those corner backs look formidable.