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One of the issues in terms of conversion rates is the positions in which we are shooting from. Forget about Byrne’s ballooning them. That’s a different issue. But if you look back over the league, you will see that a lot of diagonal ball went into the corners. Great ball to give in and always gives the corner forward a chance to gain clean possession. The problem arises after possession is gathered. We simply have no-one offering a support option coming up the middle. Thus leaving the forward turning back into the corner back or being forced to shoot from a more difficult angle than if he could lay it off. Assuming Kyle Hayes starts at 11, he really has to provide an option to the two corner forwards.


A lot of that will come wit experience. These lads are only starting out.


Ah I know. It was just an observation I made during the league. Providing support up the centre makes the backs hesitate. "Do I follow my man "in which case the forward should be able to lay off the pass. Or “Do I watch the space created by the diagonal pass” which gives the forward in possession time to readjust his angle for shooting. Shouldn’t be hard to emphasise in training.


My recollection of the first half of the Tipperary game was that Limerick worked around 3 or 4 instances where someone steamed through the middle and the pass inside was given. I think one or two passes didn’t go to hand but they took their easy point on another couple of occasions when they could have kept taking it on and tried to work a goal.


It didn’t seem that obvious to me in the Tipp game. But if I go back to the Offaly match there were at least 4 to 5 examples where the ball was gathered in the corner and no support was offered up the middle.


You’re right Bandage, there were a few runs through the middle and the ball didn’t come to them, Tom Morrissey made one or two. They’re often hard to spot on telly and can be seen easier at the match. It’s something that we need to improve further on alright though Mike


This is where Mulcahy could come in very handy.

Got 1-2 off the bench the last day vs Tipp. Those diagonal balls will suit him, must also say Dan Morrisseys distribution from the half backline has been superb into the forwards this year.


A good ref. We had Jonathan Hayes last week, another very good up and coming ref.


That’s the funniest thing been posted on here for quite a while.


Killmalock hammered the limerick under 21s tonight. Real zip to killmalock.


Had Lk a full team out ???


I’m not so sure what a full team looks like Kyle Hayes was playing.


It was as strong a team as they could field. First time they had a full panel to pick from.


Kilmallock at 4/1 appears to be a good bet.


Good strong team seeking to atone to a poor showing in last year’s final . Na P might lose a bit of appetite .

If Na P are to be lose their crown it will be to them or Doon .


And God knows there have been a few…


Free money


You’d bate Doon with your cap.


Dunno . I think they have a good crop now and unlike previous years they have genuine county hurlers . I make them 3rd favs .


Doon are like Spurs they’ll always let you down.