Limerick GAA - it's Box Office - Always Has Been, Always Will Be


Our minors had Mike Browne last week for a football game. He was good, talked to players and no soft frees given, it made for a nice physical game but no dirty.


You’ll win nothing in April


Mike is a nice fella. Suits an aging corner back too. You can get away with plenty.


I know that but from what I’ve heard theres a bit of Zip back in them.

O’Loughlin, Hanley and O’Reilly will be big players at club level this year to add to the old gaurd. Jamie Wall also has a good reputation as a coach and will bring fresh ideas. I think at 4/1 its a solid investment. If you were looking at pure profit, back them EW to reach final presuming that they avoid NAP in county semi.


If Kilmallock are showing a bit of zip this year I’d know exactly who that’s coming from in the main, and it wouldn’t be Jamie Wall,as good and all a coach he seems to be. Anyone that knows John Brudair and has worked with him will know what I’m talking about. A fair operator.


Coke dealer?


Jamie Wall has been training a group of lads in Mary I pitch, over the last few afternoons I’ve seen them twice, I’m curious about who it could be?


Mary I Freshers??


:smile: Not even Coca Cola, John would be a fairly straight laced guy!


I thought that but assumed they’d be done.


:joy: got there before me


:rollseyes: Sure mate, you’re just as witty and quick as @Robert_Emmet


You wouldn’t need to be, anyone reading what you wrote would think the same thing, you’re just too thick and innocent to see it.


Draw between Monaleen and Na Piarsaigh


Monaleen robbed there…


Ya?? No collins or Donovan.


How so? Huge result for NAP.


Massive game between Senans and Monaleen now Sunday


Na Piarsaigh were good value for it. Deserved a draw at least.