Limerick GAA - it's Box Office - Always Has Been, Always Will Be


It is a disgrace. Id hate to think of the commotion on here if it was a few rubby players had been involved.


Yep. A real sweep sweep job. The Limerick lads would sicken your hole. A new thread started a few days ago about Tipperary, but now an attempted omertà when it’s the Limerick failures. I’m watching to see how the mods handle this.


I didn’t. But I’m on my way to boards & PV right now to wildly speculate and fan the rumour flames.

Re the actual incident itself,I’m told the DPP is happy to go with a manslaughter charge rather than actual murder.
God bless the poor taxi mans family. They’ll never got over it.


Townies pal townies


Fake taxi job I assume?


No… One of the NaP lads lost a finger in the incident so it’s very real.



I heard that they were getting a taxi out from town and the lads wouldn’t let Dowling out of the cab at the Ennis Rd supermacs, so he chewed the fingers off one of them. Then they refused to pay the soiling charge.


We’ve this all sorted down at the station. Nothing to see here. Move along please chaps.


Considering what Tipp did to Waterford in the Munster final. you’d wonder if that late goal was a blessing


Excellent policing.


That’s what we get the free coffees for mate


Lattes I presume c


Did ye confiscate the coffee off them? Proper order.


We dropped them off at supermacs, the boys bought us taco fries


I’ve gotten the full story. I wish to distance myself from any previous comments made regarding this sordid incident. I’m genuinely sorry for treating it so flippantly and did not realise at the time how serious it was.


Threads disappearing and thread titles being edited. The web of lies gets bigger.
Limerick scumbags.


It may already have been alluded to here, but I was told that Peter Casey will struggle to be back for the Tipp game?

Almost certain to miss the Limerick 21s game, and obviously NaP’s two Championship matches.

Be a massive loss to the 21s.


Yes it was. He’ll struggle to start for the tipp game due to fitness.


Huge loss to both teams pal.

More so 21s, still would fancy us to beat Clare in Ennis on the 7th May.

Their 21’s management arent well regarded by all accounts.


Fuck it.

Were you at the 21s game vs Kilmallock? I hear young O’Connell scored 3 points from play despite not being at his best.