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No, Mulcahy. Downes has a tendency to make the same poor decisions as well though. Can’t fault either for effort or attitude, just maybe taking on shots when other, better options are available.

Overall there seems to have been an improvement in this regard so far this year which is great to see.

To be fair to the two lads the delivery and the timing of the delivery has significantly improved this year so hopefully if they get in they do better as they have the ability. Invariably they had to work their bollocks off just to get the ball into the paw.


We didn’t play Tipperary in 2011. We lost to Waterford in Thurles the day Downes ran riot. Mulcahy was excellent the same day dropping out the field. We later lost to fucking Dublin.

You’re thinking of 2012. Dowling made his debut and was superb. Hannon didn’t start due to injury. Mulcahy got a great goal and we ran Tipp very close before they pulled away from us in the last few minutes


Hannon came on with ten to go and scored one class point if I remember correctly. We’d tipp rattled that day.


Tom Condons helmet scored the winner for Waterford that day in 2011. Even though they lost it was a real fuck you performance to the legacy of the Justin debacle.

2012 we had them but they brought 3 or 4 all stars off the bench to pull it back. Brian Geary,an absolute stalwart, was thrown on as a centre forward the same day. A fish out of water up there unfortunately.


Conor Allis was class in 2012. Ran rings around the Tipp half-back line.

Just didn’t have the nous to close it out, but it made 2013 all the sweeter.


Mentally it was huge for the panel it showed with the proper preparation they could compete with and more importantly beat Tipperary and this year is no different.


Anyone hear anything about a couple of NAP players and a taxi driver?


Say nothing


I hoped it wasn’t true. Clowns.


Seems to very well be true heard it from a very good source the driver was paid off



Say nothing pal.

Far more people read this thread than post on it @Watchyourtoes


Il say no more on it,a disgrace though!


Glas is going to have a meltdown over it.


We all will man if it goes badly.




Nice fella as well.

Thought he couldve been around the panel for another year or two.






It’s just not on to bring coffee cups into a vehicle without putting a cover on them.


The pack of old woman on TFK will be putting the kettle on, meanwhile those on the know are all ‘dont say a word’ while advertising it over and over and fanning the flames :smile: