Limerick Gaa - knocked back down again

We go again.

Fuck NaP


Na Piarsaigh Cork?

Pats :thinking:

Oola have a chance with dod, pat Ryan, Mikey o brien and English playing along with josh Ryan?

They won again tonight. So are 4 from 4.

A serious team to get goals.
3-8 to 0-15.

A straight shoot out between themselves and NCW for top spot.

St Pat’s were just well off the pace tonight.Down 4 or 5 players but beaten by a team who were well up for the fight.


What way was the betting :grinning:

Does Sean Finn play football ?

Sean Finn’s play football

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Smart cunt

You’d hope he’d have more sense than that.

Apparently James Ryan was mad for fighting in the match vs D/B Thursday night

Averaging 3.5 goals a game so far.

NAP still have a chance if Galbally beat Kieran’s. Galbally’s score difference is awful so if it’s three tied on 4 they’ll be in trouble. NAP need to keep it tight vs NCW or hop Drom

Senans vs loser of NAP and Drom in the other side, so NAP watching both ends of the table.

Bruff s first time getting more or less a full team all year were not bad at all, Paul Browne played really well. We have hurling next Thurs with a few lads carrying knocks never going to risk them, but worryingly what we had playing should have been good enough.

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Club championship run off yet lads?

Pallas and the mushes could yet have a winner takes all game in that group. That would be interesting

There would be some amount of scraps in that

There are always scraps in a Pallas game . Rathkeale are relatively mild