Limerick Liam wagon or Munster bandwagon?

Limerick get 1300 at first league game this year, Munster will get 3 to 4 k at first pro 14 game. My question is which is the biggest bandwagon. Draw for me. See fellas at the game Sunday who were never at a game in their life.

All oirish sport is a bandwagon . We don’t have the season ticket culture of the brits .

Munster haven’t won anything in years, I’d love to see their die hard support experience real happiness.

They will get twice or three times that

Munster is a province/franchise guys


Limerick is Munster rugby.

Leinster have 12500 season ticket holders from a capacity of 18k. Munster season tickets completely sold out think they sell 10k a year


who would be the strongest rugby side in ireland now in the Irish League (sorry all ireland league)
would it still be Shannon or Cork Con? how many season tickets would they sell?
cork city FC have 3k season tickets - Con probably have at least double that surely?

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The Dublin teams have taken over these past couple of years sadly.

Munster is mainly Tipp men and Cork men… When it’s a low key game and they dont travel Thomond park is empty… You’d get 10k Cork lads travelling handy enough for big games

That’ll be the doping.

In 2017/2018, 563k tickets were sold for Pro14 games in Ireland (not including the final) with a total of 43 games played (average 13k per game).

In 2017, 369k tickets for the Premier Division of the LOI with 192 games played and an average of 1,900.

Add in the European Champions Cup and Chellenge along with the FAI Cup/European Games plus internationals and it widens even more.

Crickey add in the Irish League (177k) up north and the second division of the LoI and it isn’t touching professional rugby in Ireland.

you cant include Pro 14 as its an international competition
im referring to domestic club competition
maybe if a there was an LOI club playing champions league football in the group stages it would be a fairer comparison of if say an amalgation of Cork CIty / Wateford and Limerick played in some invitational tournament.

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The LoI is already an international competition with the inclusion of Derry City.

We are talking about top tier professionalism here, not your narrow lenses of viewing things like everything is soccer.


i just enquired about attendances and you went on the defensive comparing it to soccer for some reason and then choose to include a tournament where provincial sides from Italy, Wales and Scotland compete against Irish provinces, that’s not domestic pal.

anyway ill ask you again - can you please provide the attendance figures (only if you have them) for the top level of domestic rugby in this country (and ill allow you include teams from the north if you are getting your nickers in a twist over derry as im aware the AIL ( yes the top level of domestic rugby in the country comprises of teams from NI))
Munster v Bennetton Treviso is not a domestic game- Cork Con V Ballymena is as is Limerick v Derry City

and ok
lets use the top rugby side in Cork - Cork Con
how many season ticket holders would they have anyway for arguments sake given they are playing in the top tier of domestic rugby

look these are pretty sraightforward queries- im not sure why you are going on about some European provincial league here

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Not that many. 6k or so

Derry City is in Norn Iron mate, it’s the same thing.

Professional rugby > professional soccer in attendance in Ireland is the long and short of all of this.

that’s an opinion
where is the data?
Dundalk and Legia Warsaw had 35k in the aviva in 2016- that’s a professional football game in this country but it does not form part of this analysis as its not domestic competition
cork v DCFC is domestic
dungannon v Con is domestic

munster v Treviso is not
shamrock rovers v juve is not

The insecurity of the rubby set is off the charts.