Limerick v Clare MSHC Quarter Final 2015

Just over a month now-

Clare have had a little unrest and lost a few players but are still a quality team with some top, top players and despite relegation go into this as favourites.

Limerick are all over the place, literally. No fitness, conditioning or game plan. All kinds of ‘rumours’ of inhouse fighting etc. etc - A very, very disappointing league campaign, and i’m not on about promotion here, it was spiritless, with no direction and seven weeks is too short a period to fix all of the above. We will battle hard, but lack of cohesion and settled positions/game plan will see Clare run out 5/6 point winners.

Perfect league campaign from limerick. The worse we prepare the better we play. Hurling is a simple game. Limerick by 8.

What date is this on ?


24th of May in Thurles. I assume we can count on your support?

May 24.

This will be little more than a warm up for the Munster semi final for Limerick.

Limerick by 10 plus.

Clare didn’t seem too bothered in their opening game last year and the qualifying route didn’t work, I’d say the management will
go all out to ensure they don’t have to go into the qualifiers early this year especially since there’s likely to be one strong Leinster team in there.
The relegation game against Kilkenny was a ferocious battle and that will stand them in good stead.

Limerick on the other hand got hammered in their first meaningful game against Dublin and had a shite league overall. Limerick would probably benefit from
the qualifiers route provided they don’t bump into a big team early on.

Perfect preparation. We will walk this.

Calling @ChocolateMice , am I getting you a ticket or are you getting me a ticket?

Let me break the news to my auld one that I won’t be free to bring her to the chinese that day first- I don’t give a fook after that, pal. Whatever the result me and that cunt @Joe Player are gonna have a dust up outside Supermacs after the game.

I’ll organise Old Stand tickets so.

My thoughts will only turn to the hurling after we dish out a beating to them in Ennis in the football the previous night.

[QUOTE=“The Big Cheese, post: 1123649, member: 1137”]24th of May in Thurles. I assume we can count on your support?
Too right ye have my backing. DAVEY WE WON MAN

You insecure Clare shithead.

Could I tag along if I’m home Harry?

Limerick to win.

but not the big one

not signing in

Be my pleasure, bud.