Limerick V Tipperary MSHC Semi Final

This is it folks, the one the whole country has been waiting for.

I’m pumped up and full of blind and unjustified optimism.

On paper, Tipp should walk it, but it is’nt played on paper- Our 15 warriors will stand toe to toe with the cretins from the east and there’s an old Irish proverb, handed down through generations, from father to son that sums this match up much better than I can-

Limerick never feared Tipp !!!

The sun is out and looking good for the week… let’s be having you bastards!!


Directions to the Gaelic Grounds for you ChocolateMice, just in case you have forgotten where the place is.

I assume it’s a 4pm throw in?

[quote=“carryharry, post: 781420, member: 1517”]Directions to the Gaelic Grounds for you ChocolateMice, just in case you have forgotten where the place is.[/quote]

I remember it fine and dandy mate, the last day we had you lot there we pissed all over ye.


Looking forward to this. Expect Limerick to drag Tipp down to a wrestling match before Tipp eventually pull away to win by 4 points. It should be extremely physical but not in the ha’penny place compared to what goes on in the terraces.

Tis a healthy rivalry, not a dirty rivalry.

[quote=“carryharry, post: 781425, member: 1517”]


Senior you knob head. Don’t go all Tan on us throwing ups kids results.

Typical cliched bullshit comment.
All your missing is that “Limerick will be hoping for a wet day”.

Forgot to mention Limerick will be hoping for a wet day and if their corner forwards win enough dirty ball then they will be there or thereabouts.

[quote=“carryharry, post: 781425, member: 1517”]


Here you go pal…

I’ll see your 2007 & raise you with 2009.

I’m tempted to go up on the terraces on Sunday and smash a few Tipp cunts skulls in

[FONT=Calibri]You should try a little variation of what the UL students did with that poor, unfortunate dog. Stand on the road a bit away from the ground where the traffic is moving relatively freely and wait for a gang of Tipp supporters to come along. Shout at them to get their attention, hold a few sandwiches up in the air, wait for a convoy of cars to come along and then fire the sandwiches up in the air and onto the road. Stand back then and watch the Tipp cunts getting mowed down while scrambling for ham sandwiches. [/FONT]

CHIPP CHIPP the back of me bollocks.

Don’t forget to wrap them in tinfoil, har de har har.

That’s a very controversial comment out of you, just there. :eek:

When it comes to the Munster Championship Bandage is as staunch a Limerick supporter as anyone.

Ah, that’s nice.

I’ll have Finches on standby to resuscitate anyone in real danger, pal. We want the murdering done on the pitch, not off it.