Limerick Weirdo/sicko thread

What the fuck are they rearing in Limerick ?

Some dedication to drive from Glin to Dún Laoghaire to harass Miss MacNeil.

This will drive dan up the walls.

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He did it all online from the comfort (relative) of Limerick via the Facebook.

He’s from Glin, not Limerick.


Different time zone altogether.

There used be a big wall around the soccer field in Glin. Very intimidating for the away team in the Desmond League

Going to town for him would be Listowel or if its a big day out maybe Tralee. You’d never meet a person from Glin in Limerick City.

I was only reading this mans story recently, another native of glin


I enjoyed reading that. Thanks.

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A good read thanks.

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He Paints a lovely picture of simpler times

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Apart from getting the shit bate out of him in school and all the people dying young and emigrating, it does sound lovely alright :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Ah come on man I said Simpler times not better times. Ffs you can’t even look at turf these days let alone cut it!!

His brother made the blocks to build the house back in the 40s, and it’s still standing. The Cassidy’s should call down to him.

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It’s extremely evocative. He had a hard hard life.

@Rocko please bin this nonsense. Cork is the only relevant weirdo/sicko thread on TFK.


Kind of a sliding doors moment with his mother having to come home from Pittsburgh to a hard life in Limerick no doubt.

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You know Limerick holds this forum in a vice-like grip when you see these types of threads attempted. Very weak effort.

And by the way, there’s no sickos or weirdos in Limerick. We call them ‘misfortunes’ pronounced “miss-fawr-chin”


A pure misfortune is as bad as it gets.

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