Lisdoonvarna Festival

Has anyone being up there over the last few weekends?

Being years since i was there, is it worth a look for an aul session lads? Any opinions?

Clare lads in know with any advice would be appreciated.

Good god no. Fly to Bilbao and explore the Basque country for a weekend instead. Lots of festivals in San Sebastian at this time of year.

Plus it would cost you less.

I’d say the hookers in Lisdoon would be shocking to behold.

I went to the Hydro once in my teens. The Haçienda it was not.

Smell of desperation reeking off them!

A no go so lads! :o

Had a few great nights there, cunt of a spin home after though.

That festival is a cuntfest.

That good or bad fof? I was in the Hydro 10 years ago, can’t remember a rex of it.

two years since i was there, load of shite, followed closely by the willie clancy festival.

  1. What do you want out of it harry, a bit of craic, a ride, a wife ???
  2. It can begreat all what you make of it, some very genuine people there and some terrible fuckers too
  3. very expensive and the locals will doo you at every oppertunity they are awful cunts, way more arrogant than the new market lads with NOTHING to show for it
  4. Seen some great boxing outside the chipper there
  5. I hear they have the russian bride job this year
  6. weekends for younger people with the weekends for younger

kinvara’s passion has also attended

A bit of crack TC, if the ride and wife follow then wtf.

Being so long since i was up there, just wanted to see is it still good crack up there and getting the crowds is all.

Can’t be any dearer than a wknd in Killarney or Dublin, rip off capitals of Ireland.

€5 a pint a couple of years ago it can be good craic alright, tipp people are stone mad for it

Went to it once back about 4 years ago, it was nothing special. The Willie Clancy is a far superior festival

Some of the best fights I was ever in were in Lisdoonvarna.

Some of the drunkest drivers I ever sat in with was on the trip home from Lisdoonvarna.

Some of the finest cougars I ever pressed lips with were in Lisdoonvarna.

Some of the finest tunes I ever danced to were belted out in Lisdoonvarna, the rave scene down there in the late 90’s was unreal. Throw off the top, jump onto the stage and let Paul Van Dyke, The Chemical Brother and Brianbug do the rest.

All in all a great little town.

I actually a fella this evening who is just back from a stag down there this weekend. HIghly recommended.

I wish you well in your pursuit of a wife and kids mate, in the hope that they make you too busy to ever post on the internet again.


Thanks Tony, tell your Ma to bring the johnies please like a good half wit!

Last time I was in the Hydro in Sept, walked in and the first thing I saw was a 50 year old women getting fingered in the reception area

Rip off central but plenty of women around

maybe if you spent more time slopping out your horses stable and less time posting here your house wouldnt reek of slurry and then some boot might find you bearable


Cup of tea spilled all over me now you cunt.

some muckfest this is, Saturday night you have a weird collection of pill heads and middle aged desperadoes in the hydro, Last time I was there around 1999