LITDFer Post-Restriction Meltdown Log Thread


Not a tittle out of the tfk lidtf brigade

They are praying on their hands and knees for another variant


@Massey I hope it’s Monday. I was told earlier it would be Wednesday, doubt it will be this weekend here. Dr Tony really caught the Govt on the hop here

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4D chess from Tone

What a day to be Irish

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Sign in @Cheasty

Tony hoping the party like scenes lead to another variant.

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The Mainland and Ireland lead the world with the end of this shite

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We have Boris to thank for this.What a guy.


Come on Barbie let’s go party!


I remember Leo locked us down from a podium in a pre-dawn Washington DC. People were genuinely shook and afraid and the future was uncertain that day.

It’s been a hard two years for a lot of people.

Time to kick the ball very hard now.

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Varadkar will be seething he didn’t get to leak this.


Paschal will make a fine Taoiseach one day

Sheepy public went running for toilet roll. Zero rationale to it.

I knew we were in trouble then.

Over 6,000 people died. Probably 25 million dead worldwide.

In fairness, no one knew anything in march 2020… We’ve experts in a number of medical fields now… and air ventilation among other things.

Died of what though?

How many died after a positive PT PCR test within 28 days of another cause?