Live GAA on de Telly 2023 (No Discussion)

From open play I think he’s comfortable on the ball but rarely picks out a pass. Then again, they have so many ball winners it’s easy to go direct.

SOK is the king. Great variety in his striking too.

There’s something very likable about Mason. At the All Ireland Semi Final this year vs Clare he was 3rd choice keeper for Kilkenny and took part in the warm up in runners and a baseball camp on backwards. To the untrained eye it looked like they’d pulled some random fella from the crowd in to puck back the balls.

That sort of devil may care attitude is great in a goalkeeper. For all their talent out the pitch, he’s a very important player for BH.

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The 2022 All Ireland Club Football Final is about to throw in on TG4 now.

One of the most gripping sporting contests of 2022.

Is that the one where the goalie made a solid bollocks of it?

Watch it and find out.

Kilmacud were brilliant in the first half.

Jaysus, you can’t remember, I can’t believe it :joy:

Anyone have the live games this weekend?

Kerry Armagh Saturday
Galway limerick Sunday
Probably another one or two but the above are definitely televised

This lad has it nearly right. Best weekend of it so far.

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@Copper_pipe what’s the Twitter @ of your man who writes out the weekend’s live sports on a refil pad and posts a picture of it?


Nothing posted for this weekend yet.

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Lovely cheers

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Nice bit on this weekend.

Only wan GAA fixture in there, KK v Waterford.

A weak enough weekend of sport

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Just about qualifies for this thread so*.

*Updated to 2023.

I’d say we might get one good half out of Meath and Dublin. Galway and Armagh could be decent. Surely it’s the last weekend of lads going full tilt before Championship.

Two sides who really seem to dislike each other, could be a bit of fireworks

How is GAAGo lining up ahead of the Championship lads? I presume its been tested to the nth degree and is ready to roll?