Liverpool 2018/2019


In the words of David Brent:

‘How much money you got cos this is gonna cost ya!! This is gonna cost ya!!’

Duncan Castles (!!!) Says the Klopp factor is the reason Fabinho has turned his back on other options including Unitee, City, etc

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Aye. Plenty of craic, no real pressure…

Has he been signed as a right back or midfielder?

Fabinho is both. Started out at RB. Klopp says he can play “6,8 or 2”

Fabinho can’t wait to get going. He’s even sleeping in his LFC kit

First bid gone in for Fekir. No hanging about this summer

proper football fans would still be in mourning after Saturday but @caulifloweredneanderthal is all happy because some player he never heard of has joined

beyond weird

I saw him play against Ireland the other day mate. And I’ve watched at least five minutes of him on YouTube

You’d want your head examined to be still mourning over the failures of an EPL team four days later

A lot more important things in the world, like family, health and transfer speculation.


Superb work by the club, a failure on Saturday, but they’ve distracted the fans from it by a few purchases. Textbook.

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But shur don’t you go off and get yourself a new wife every year. Onwards and upwards sndo all that malarkey

We earned €84million for reaching the CL final. Spend away Jurgen.

New Ross bogball club?


Where did you see that?

You can’t put a price on laughter

Totally uncalled for, Mike.

French media were reporting but English press saying otherwise

Shaqiri for £12m?

Always had potential, but never really delivered on it

Shaqiri would be a great bit of business.

Needs to lose some timber though.