Liverpool Football Club 2017/18


Spending the Coutinho money.


Who the fuck are ‘Winner Sports’, the source of this info?

Probably some spotty teenagers with a twitter account.


I’d say Coutinho will stay until 2018 and then go. I don’t think Pool would let him go for less than 100m. He’d probably double his wages if he went to Barca


Klopp already bags a cup and the season hasn’t even started

#inkloppwetrust #kultofklopp


He’s worth €456m in today’s transfer market.


Liverpool will probably take 85m so, and some young lad from barca with “great potential” who turns out to be dogshit


New signing Andy Robertson seems an alright sort


Don’t know, looks like Can is off to Juventus for €30-€35 million. I think he will have a fine career but does not have the speed of thought or movement required to exile in the EPL


A carthorse.


Another big profit turned by the transfer committee


I see Keita has bursted one of his Leipzig team mates in a training session.

Media of course trying to spin it as him trying to force a move out of the club.


A lot of bull blocking this transfer.


The whole story has grown wings.




Reports in Spain saying that Coutinho has already agreed terms with Barcelona.



They better be getting €100m plus


If Mbappe is going for £161m, we should be getting £261m for Coutinho.


Coutinho will go. Liverpool won’t get Keita. They’ll probably get VVD. They’ll end up signing some donkey a la Rickie Lambert


A straight swap for Suarez and Neymar


It’s time for King Luis to come home.