Liverpool Football Club 2017/18


The Mirror can be accurate with Liverpool news in my experience


The Mirror’s source is Bild, who wouldn’t be the most reliable


He’s off to Arsenal.




Coutinho for anything over 50m is a no brainer - sell, sell, sell.


And buy who? and for how much?


Does it really matter?

Jurgen Klopp club was born on Dec 25th, of a virgin, under an eastern star and can perform miracles with any given 11 disciples


Surely Southampton have some description of a Midfielder ye can buy for £25 million?


It would be easier and cheaper in long run if FSG just bought Southampton, and used them as a feeder club.

The Independent (UK version) saying Now that Liverpool going to go back in and offer £75m for Keita. This is going to drag on.

I think plan B is Ox Chamber




Chelsea are keen on Chamberlin apparently. He’s stone useless the cunt.


can someone stick up a montage of phil,just for the memories


Why? He’s vastly over rated.


The Keita and VVD deals are on apparently


If they can get both for 120 and sell Phil for anything above 80 that will be some decent business.


Liverpool lead Hertha Berlin 3 0. Solanke,Gini and salah. 65mins


3 0FT


Get in there my son.


Rushie on Saturday night with miriam after the news kopites


Is his Cork bird on with him?