Liverpool Football Club 2017/18


What are your thoughts on the game, bud?


Tough enough,think we can take them over two legs. First leg is away. Klopp will know enough about them too which is a huge advantage also.


Firmino came from them no?


Ye should win. The Bundesliga is fairly shite outside Bayern


Is Sturidge taped back together yet?


Which one?


Ye? There’s no scousers on the forum, mate… Just pretend ones.


@pudns is a scouser mate


We will need a pic of him in his full kit to confirm that.


He did mate


Went to see Jurgen Klopp’s men play at the Aviva today. Klopp and some of the players hopped into the crowd afterwards and must have spent 10-15 minutes with fans getting photos. A great bunch of lads :clap:


Many at it?


There were lots of empty barstools around Dublin so I assume so


Full house. Picked up a ticket before kick off. Got it below face value from the touts




VVD has handed in a transfer request,


Serious transfer news announced today –

Liverpool have signed a 5 year 30m deal with Western Union.


Liverpool are cunts


Must be a few Africans on the way


African Princes