Liverpool Football Club 2017/18


He needs to win something


Lucky to get close to €80m for all those. I think his preference would be to hold on to Origi over Sturridge though


He won the 4th place cup!!


Paying about twice the price for VVD. Both him and Salah sound like they are by and large done deals.


Doubt Sturridge is going anywhere.


Southampton reporting Liverpool for tapping up VVD. Talk about biting the hand that feeds you.




Are ye selling all the team


Southampton might be left high and dry after their antics


They’ll pick up another buyer quickly enough


We’ve mugged Southampton off good and proper.


Club issues apology to Southampton and ends pursuit. Fucking clowns running the club


Amateur hour.


Liverpool just need to find out who Southampton were going to replace VVD with and snap him up.


He’s not worth that money. Might have dodged a bullet.


Liverpool it appears have switched their attention to Stefan De Vrij, Van Dijk’s international team mate.

Bid of around €17m rejected by Lazio.

He is also 25 and has been an international since 2012.

Why such a large price differential between the two I wonder?


The Dutch national team aren’t worth a wank these days .


EPL premium


I shudder to think what Kyle Walker will go to Man City for.

They are buying a relatively young, first choice English international, from a title rival.

Of course in the overall scheme of things Walker has done fuck all.


A real city special. They love these lads just because they are young so they’ll pay a big premium over a lad who’s a few years older and actually proven. That said it’s only pretend money anyway so it doesn’t matter a fuck