Liverpool Football Club 2017/18


He’s english and its good to have one or two to toy about with in the squad. If he works out great, if not he can be shoveled into the likes of Celtic and become a cult hero.


England have just beaten Italy 3-1 in the World Cup Semi Final in Korea. Liverpool new boy Dominic Solanke scored twice. England’s first world cup final in any grade since 1966.


Soccer in Italy is in terminal decline .


Is it?


They face Venezuela in the final and by the time they meet both countries could be governed by Marxists .


Venezuela have been taken to ET in all three knock out games. England will win.


Rubbish. This was Italy’s first ever semi-final appearance in this prestigious tournament (Ireland were semi-finalists in 1997), so the game is obviously starting to blossom there.


I stand corrected . This week saw this defeat to England and Juventus’ meek surrender to Real Madrid .



12th Watford (a) 3pm

19th Crystal Palace (h) 3pm

26th Arsenal (h) 3pm


9th Manchester City (a) 3pm

16th Burnley (h) 3pm

23rd Leicester City (a) 3pm

30th Newcastle United (a) 3pm


14th Manchester United (h) 3pm

21st Tottenham Hotspur (a) 3pm

28th Huddersfield Town (h) 3pm


4th West Ham United (a) 3pm

18th Southampton (h) 3pm

25th Chelsea (h) 3pm

29th Stoke City (a) 8pm


2nd Brighton and Hove Albion (a) 3pm

9th Everton (h) 3pm

13th West Bromwich Albion (h) 8pm

16th Bournemouth (a) 3pm

23rd Arsenal (a) 3pm

26th Swansea City (h) 3pm

30th Leicester City (h) 3pm


1st Burnley (a) 3pm

13th Manchester City (h) 3pm

20th Swansea City (a) 3pm

30th Huddersfield Town (a) 7.45pm


3rd Tottenham Hotspur (h) 3pm

10th Southampton (a) 3pm

24th West Ham United (h) 3pm


3rd Newcastle United (h) 3pm

10th Manchester United (a) 3pm

17th Watford (h) 3pm

31st Crystal Palace (a) 3pm


7th Everton (a) 3pm

14th Bournemouth (h) 3pm

21st West Bromwich Albion (a) 3pm

28th Stoke City (h) 3pm


5th Chelsea (a) 3pm

13th Brighton and Hove Albion (h) 3pm


Not a bad start or run in.

We’ll take that.


Liverpool will win the title at the Bridge.


A throwback to the last league win of course.


The only one I barely remember them winning. Was it this one that settled it?


Same here.

I can’t open it but pretty sure Ronny Rosenthal had a part to play.


I think you’re thinking of 85/86 when King Kenny volleyed us to the first part of the double in the final game at Chelsea.


Yeah - I think that’s it. I had it in my head that Dalglish scored but knew that couldn’t have been 90.


Did Kenny pick himself for the big one having left himself out for a few games previous?


Is that a rhetorical question?


I don’t understand big words like that,
It is a question alright, I find an answer is a suitable response.


Who was the manager at the time?