Liverpool Football Club 2017/18


Klaven is a fucking bomb scare :sweat_smile:


Hows klopp?

It’s all very mysterious.


Good victory over our feeder club today.

Salah netting two.

We’re hitting a nice groove over the last few weeks.


Well, that was easy. Thank you for the space, Sevilla.


Living on the edge here. Sevilla should have had 2 there


Very lucky there. Two gilt-edged chances given away inside a minute and not taken.


And now Firmino doesn’t take one.

This game is very, very open so far.


And now it is 2-0. Mane with a carbon copy goal of Firmino’s first from a corner. It’s nice to be on the right end of a couple of D. Calamity goals, for a change.


Manè. So lucky


Our name is on the big cup this year


An absolutely brilliant header by Mane, who is not known for his ability in the area.

Class act:


Great craic scoring a few goals from corners


They are leaking like a Sievella


Liverpoolesque defending from Seville


Easy peasy.


Having a look through the Sevilla team and their backgrounds here on their Wikipedia page, it’s not particularly surprising we’re doing this as they’re pretty light on genuine quality. Denmark captain Simon Kjaer has been a big loss for them tonight.

As an Arsenal fan once said, the balance of power between La Liga and the Premier League, it’s turnin’, bro, it’s turnin’.


I’ve been saying we’ve an outstanding chance of winning it since the end of last season. Winning the group should certainly help.

I can remember Black November but this is shaping up to be Red November.


Three goals scored in four consecutive games. Club record.


Fixed that for you, mate.


Even better so