Liverpool Football Club 2017/18


Was about to correct @balbec there


To be fair, the trademark modesty of a Liverpool fan was written all over his post.


He’s got a great way about him when talking about LFC.



Taking the piss


We’re in such a good position here that I feel confident enough to self-deprecatingly say that Firmino was engaging in the time honoured Liverpool tradition of looking back, not forward there.

Actually, Sevilla have scored, I better delete this post now.


Oh oh.


Let’s let calm heads prevail on this thread.

This will be grand.

Liverpool don’t throw away 3-0 leads.


This will be grand. :fearful:




Shades of Istanbul here


Get Milner on FFS




We just need to ccchalm down, ccchalm down.

It’s not as if Sevilla have ever come back against us in the second half of matches before.


That escalated quickly


Liverpool playing for the draw here


Great entertainment in fairness


The Liverpool way


@ChocolateMice scut-acting again in spain


We’ve weathered the storm very well and now look so relaxed that we might as well be hawking oranges around Seville. Realistically, I can see no way that we don’t win this match now.