Liverpool Football Club 2017/18


I was going through the various potential last 16 opponents for us there a short time ago. I think we should just take the draw against Spartak Moscow and let Sevilla win the group.

In that case, given that you can’t draw a team from your own domestic league or your own round of 32 group, our last 16 opponents would be one of Barcelona, PSG, Besiktas, or possibly Roma should they win their group.

We’ve a 100% record against Barcelona in knockout European ties, and as for the other three potential opponents, we’ve won the European Cup in all of Istanbul, Paris, and Rome (twice).

We can’t lose.


Squarehead TV did a montage of Moreno’s errors as part of the highlights programme last night. Oh how they laughed!



They showed a clip for one of the Seville chances in the first half. In real time I blamed Lovren for playing the lad onside but only on the replay did I see Moreno in the middle of the pitch leaving his side wide open and Klavan isolated. Only as strong as your weakest link.


I thought this was funny at the time, but it’s even better now.

“Last year was useful for me: to think, to change things, to say to myself: ‘Alberto, what can you do better?’ And the first thing was: defend. I’m a defender. And I’ve changed that. I’m more focused; I think you can see that – and thankfully I haven’t made any mistakes. Maybe in my first few years at Liverpool, I was always thinking: ‘Attack, attack, attack.’ Confidence is vital for a footballer but I’m [also] more settled, more focused: now I’m like: ‘First, let’s defend, keep a clean sheet and, then, let’s go forward.’”


Martin O’Neill should have tried the same line


Was this like “The Jancker Files” on RTE after the Germany-Eire game in 2002?


Can’t remember if I saw that one. Thought Moreno was playing to the crowd last night.


The same man was the real Man Utd hero in Camp Nou 1999 .


Lovely to see the great Gerry Armstrong being fervently pro-Eire on the panel too.


Bet he’s making it up, like the time Ollie Byrne faked his death to avoid prosecution for his shenanigans at Shels


Didn’t ger loughnane fake his own death at half time in the AIHSF or somesuch?
The aggregation of marginal gains.



Brilliant persistence from Chrissy.


Any link for this?



Half-time: Brighton 0 Liverpool 2.

Another three points in the bag for us - Liverpool never lose two goal leads.



Cruising. Second goal a thing of beauty.


Classic counter there


Liverpool don’t lose 3-0 leads.

Edit: Brighton have scored.