Liverpool Football Club 2017/18


Would you shut up for fuck sake


Relax. There’s no way we’re going to concede two goals andalus this match.


You just know that was coming









You had that typed and were ready to hit “post” before the corner was actually taken, didn’t you?


A joke




Sid jinxed this.


You get used to this kind of shit after a while following these clowns


You follow one of the most successful clubs in the world. Cut the bullshit


Unbelievable, they’re fucking spoiled.


Grand result.

A point effectively qualifies us, and we stay ahead of Sevilla in the group.

Effectively a victory.

A routine home win over Spartak Moscow now in two weeks and it’ll be happy days.




Henderson should have the captain’s armband removed permanently after that. He was atrocious.


How’s the europa league going?


Not as entertaining as tonight.


Keita scored for Leipzig tonight


Any time Liverpool are involved in a 3-3 draw in the European Cup with one of the teams coming from 3-0 down at half-time, Liverpool win the European Cup.

Name. On. The. Trophy.