Liverpool Football Club 2017/18


No. The lads there are too fair skinned for the @ChocolateMice stag




Great programme just finished on Sky Sports about Liverpool Football Club 1976-84.
Dominated the game.
Souness was a great bit of stuff.
Peak Souness was a proper midfield maestro.


85 doesn’t get a mention?


Best football team ever in the latter years


Salah is confirmed.

34.3m - less than what was paid for Carroll.

He’ll wear 11 with Firmino switching to 9.


Roma have confirmed the Salah deal is €42m with €7m extra in bonuses.

I’ll let @Blake convert it.


He is a coward

Glad to be rid of him


Berardi please.


That’s for nothing in today’s market… He’s average enough tho.


"Salah will join the Premier League side for an initial fee of €42 million. The move will be formally completed when the transfer window opens in England on July 1,” read the Roma statement.

“The deal for the 25-year-old also includes various additional clauses, worth up to a total of €8m, based on the player and Liverpool achieving certain performance-related targets.”


He will lose a ferocious amount of sleep worrying that you think him a "coward ".


He would have if he still played in Rome where the Ultras voice counts. Not now he is in the epl


The Ultras are grown men who really ought to know better .


@Blake is not the worst




For Roma, it’s a case of profit Mohamed.


Roma have been sold a pup there. Liverpool must throw that into every transfer. “Ah sure we’ll pay the rest when we win the league”


It’s a great clause that’s saved the club a nice few quid :joy::joy::joy:


Are you and @Nembo_Kid Roma fans?