Liverpool Football Club 2017/18


That’s where the realistic and feasible part comes in


2005 Champions League final. I could lend him mine.


Well if Klopp gave a list including Mbappe and no back up then he should be sacked. That’s what I was getting at. I was aware that manager’s don’t do the negotiation and actual wiring of the funds.


There was no intention to buy a CF, but the feeling was that if Mbappe was available, they’d take a punt


He is available. For about €120 million.


The price doesn’t matter a fuck.


and they’re willing to pay it apparently.


it’s very unlikely that he would go there.


Sacking him would be a bit extreme but it would be nuts if he went in to next season without having improved the defence significantly. 4 of the starting back 5 are not good enough. Even VVD on his own won’t cure all that.



Agreed. Fake money.


Solanke impressed with his movement v tranmere on Wednesday,know it was only friendly but you could see why they went in for him.Also has size in his favour too and not bullied off ball like woodburn. Ings not rushing back either will be like a new signing and with prem experience too,hopefully will stay injury free. Game v wigan at 7:45 live on LFCtv


Hopefully Joe Gomez is fully recovered now


What’s the craic @pudns? How’s life?


Yep not so bad,hopefully heading over to anfield in Oct for game against Huddersfield,just after renewing membership today. Going to game in August against Athletic.


I’ve noticed pudns is sndup spelt backwards. Coincidence?


Put on a Liverpool accent when you get there brah. Epl fanboys from Norway and Ireland have ruined the matchday experience for the local and proper fans


What time of the morning is it in Sydney, bro?


It’s 11 pm on the sunshine coast


EPL games are now not much more than a tourist trap, similar to Madame Tussaud’s or the Tower of London.