Liverpool Football Club 2022/23

Kelleher wouldn’t be until the summer. Nat could be off now. The mighty Rhys Williams recalled from Blackpool. The last time Klopp was in Blackpool, he was going on the rollercoasters with VVD.

He can’t get a game at Blackpool ffs. That’s where the lack of investment has them. Remember when they got kebab in as replacement for vvd and matip? It’s shocking how little they’ve put in to key areas. About 300/400m less than Arsenal/Chelsea/Utd/City this year alone.

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Ireland :handshake: Liverpool.
YNWA :heart:


Yohan Kebab?

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That was the time he convinced VVD to turn down the greater financial incentives on offer at the Manchester clubs and Chelsea wasn’t it? He pursued a beautiful dream at Anfield. A moment in time. Serious romance about Klopp wowing a prospective signing at the Ferris wheel beside the beach in Blackpool.


Love it, YNWA

Winning the European Cup with Liverpool was always going to mean more than buying it with a petro-state.


I’m so glad that Pippa is a red…

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Like a new signing


The rebuild is ahead of schedule


I was reading during the week Liverpool will play the least amount of games in a 50 day period during a season since klopp took over and he’s still whinging.

You read he was still whinging?

He doesn’t have a busy schedule. He’s just making up excuses again.

He’s talking as a whole i think… The deeper they go into a cup and those games are weekend, not midweek, you create a backlog. That’s what i took from the bit i heard.

Yanited fans need to live day to day and week to week. Overarching themes are beyond them.

Klopp and Pep can both go an shit in their hats when they complain about the fixtures.

Give young lads a go in the cup so ye pricks and don’t be moaning.

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He is giving the young lads a go in the league sure, and its not going great. They would want to buy a centre mid fairly lively. They probably need three at this stage but one would be a start

that’s been glaringly obvious for a while now and they bought him Nunez and Gack-Po cc @Julio_Geordio :smiley:

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They needed Nunez tbf to replace Mane and Bobby will be gone soon as well. Salah looks like a fella who has no interest now too.

The Gapko thing seemed a bit unnecessary alright. I suppose they are taking a long term view on it.

Could badly do with a bit of legs midfield though.

Sure City have the same issue. Rodri and Gundogan are slower than me and you