Liverpool Football Club 2022/23

Just shows the power of a billion pound. It’ll keep most competitive.

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Why didn’t they?

United are rotten and rotted pal.

Competitive, but not within an asses roar of a League title or European Cup. Astonishing

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Did ye miss the anniversary of Istanbul?

No. It was noted yesterday. 18 years. The greatest game of sport that there has been.

I told you and you wouldn’t listen

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Isn’t Manes move widely considered a flop in Germany? He also punched a team mate a while back and has hardly played since

Qualified for UCL next season


He joined a team that has won 7 leagues in a row.

It’s not quite Diego at Napoli.

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11 league titles in a row now. Mane has been a pale shadow of himself at Bayern. That tweet is ridiculous.

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11 in a row pal. Mane was the clear difference to Bayerns success this year.

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The match going fans will tell you that he was dogshit for the guts of 18 months for Liverpool before Klopp turned him into the best number 9 in the world for 4 months.




Special Manager.

Another waste of money ?

A good piece, if people could read it rationally


very good

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Ah mate. Its an attempt to appear unbiased while being biased.