LOI premier division thread 2024

Im not happy with the term mob tbh

Did you travel down?



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Bright pleasant evening in EDP as the crowd gathers. Relaxed atmosphere so far with manager JC taking a walk around as we entered and chatting.


Pats produce best performance of the season,low bar granted, dismissing the bit o red 3-0

2 goals from set pieces, could mark the return of Set Piece Athletic

Chris Forrester dropped by Coach Daly and the team looked much the better for it

The Tallaght franchise visit the Stadium of Light on Friday

And that first half of ‘‘football’’ from Galway United was brought to you by Whiskas!

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McGregor and Shamrock.

Well suited



Proverbial game of two halves @Ralphie , still a bit unsure what exactly happened after half time other than Pohls :grimacing:, we’d have won that with Mannus. Mad league this year all the same

After 15 minutes was thinking this could be a hiding
Getting to half time only 1 down was boost for Pats
Set piece was most likely way back into it, to be fair think Pats couldn’t have played much better were Rovers looked a bit off in second half
From outside never fancied Pohls as replacement for Mannus
Crazy league this year.


If Pats get a bit of form they are probably only team that can stop rovers winning league? Don’t think Rovers will have to be at their best this season again to win it . All gone a bit stale with Bradley at helm

Pohls is an odd one tbh, a sub keeper that is now no1. Like was he the second best keeper in the league after mannus or was he just an easy option

Reel them in


Sligo wete woeful

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I was in Tolka Park last night. Last time i watched Bohs Jackie Jameson was playing. Decent game and atmosphere. A small bit more work would make Tolka Park a lovely little ground.




Needs to be redveloped.

Glad you enjoyed it

Nice bit of spite between these clubs