LOI season 2017

anyone at the waterford and Cark ( cc @TASE) friendly at the weekend
Vol Maclean’s brother Pat clattered Sean Maguire, the snowflake then “took to social media” after the Vol. added a photo on instagram or twitter or something with the caption “need to teach the bro how to tackle” to voice his displeasure
he has a bit of bruising and is ok, itll do Maguire good anyway, he needs a nastier element to his game and has to man the fk up a bit… he deleted his “tweet” … id imagine he got laughed at…
LOI is not a place for faggots, eamon zayed got a bit sad when he was called Gadaffi one day when lining up a free kick, simon webb had a pigs head fked at him one time, Billy Woods broke a young lad from Cobh’s leg in a friendly a few years ago also, , u have some right bruising cunts like gartland and kenny browne around still this season…
real football, etc


Not even that bad a tackle


i dont know anyone who say it but id say it was similar to one of his brother’s efforts from last season…
Maguire is a right pussy tho

Seani with an i

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To be fair the tackle looks dreadful in real time when you see it first. It’s up on The Score/The 42. That cunt Caulfield was fuming over it.

Moaning over it on social media was the worst thing Maguire could have done, though. Every brute in the league is going to set out to nail him now.

Paddy McCourt training with Dundalk.

Think Cork will win it this season. Will be having a few quid on them at 3’s. Rovers to be their main challengers. Not even Dundalk can sustain losing three of their best players.

Drogs, Harps and Galway to go down.

backed rovers at 13/2 and Bray at 100/1 , they are 20s now
cant see Dk doing it
yep, cork look good allright,

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what they have done with the first div is a disgace
no playoffs this year, just one up and itll be waterford who will do a limerick on it
we had 1800 at a playoff game last year, and the end of season was brillaint
FFS itll be done by september now

What’s the story with Waterford? They’ve been a shambles for years and now are favourites to win the first division. Who is bank rolling them?

Lovely ground but I hate the athletics track around it. Leaves you miles from the pitch.

some fella Power, think he played in england, the changed the name also to Waterford FC

edit Lee Power

billy fenlon is there, i assume we can add wateford to bohs, shels, derry and hibs to the list of teams he has destroyed…

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Like in Limerick, Dublin, Cork and most urban areas in the country junior soccer is king in Waterford. They’ll start getting the crowds when they are winning.

Great to have it back but four months of an off season is a killer. Ogbene is earning rave reviews at Limerick already.

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longest off season in Europe
even in Finland they are back playing the equivilant of the skol cup or whatever in pre season
Junior intermediate soccer is very big in munster
i was at wanderers and UCC the other week, the crowd was bigger than Ramblers and the standard high
Ramblers are really doing their best, total local side, Stephen Henderson is a gent also but it is a club with zero cash, hopefully the community will treat them with respect…
full of decent skins now

FOTF KillianM2 has brilliant stuff up on you tube focusing on late 89s early 90s LOI
lads send him old VHS tapes, highlights of Sunday Sport and what not and he uploads them




the state of turners x

the pitch in harolds cross
no doubt gabriel egan had this on the radio , 3-30PM KO on a sunday in october and royal liver national hurling league games on the same day



Superb stuff! Remember being taken there as a kid to watch Shels, what a fucking dump it was. :joy:

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Wasn’t 1993 the day the Bohs bus broke down en route to Dundalk for last game . The lost and cork won the league after a 3 way play off. Think the play off was at the RDS .

Ah that’s sheer class. Great times before I-phones and information on demand. Lovely reference to Royal Livers sponsorship of the NHL league too.

Sports Stadium on a Saturday with the iconic final countdown theme tune. Deferred coverage of a premier league game starting at 3.30pm.

Different world and only 25/30 years ago. Gabriel Egan was superb.

Frantically trying to get decent reception for BBC Radio Five Live to hear the latest on any midweek cross channel matches too.

Good times.

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Is that the dog track in Harolds Cross?

Yep . Pats won a league playing there .

They’d a hell of a team back then, led by Paul Osam and Curtis Fleming.