LOI season 2017


He has had a significant effect yes.
No he will not be the only reason for winning the league, obviously.

Now answer the qyestion.


that’s a brilliant series they are doing over there
the interview with Patsy Freyne last week was top notch also
ill try and find a link to the whole series there


9 games in and cobh 1 point behind waterford
that’s a monumental achievement and just shows that good guys like Stephen Henderson can have success, only 350 souls bothered to go to the game v longford on saturday night
wanderers had 2000 up at the greystones game, there’s probably a greater love for wanderers in the town tho and the general cork soccer community support them at this national level



the freyne interview is excellent,


Yes read it . He was a character . Would love to see one with Robbie Best and Johnny Walsh .


What’s Patsy’s heritage? Born and bred Cork? Know anything about his parents and where their people came from?


Best thing Freyne ever did was kick me in the bollox


no i wouldnt know anything about his parents and if i did i certainly wouldnt be telling you
i do know tho that at a game in cobh one time he took issue with a local who was chanting “alcoholic” at his direction when there was a break in play …
Patsy went out and played the second half after the disagreement was sorted


He grew up on the northside anyway.


i see there is one there with Billy woods,
i saw that man break a kids leg in half at a preseason friendly in 2004 i think


You wouldn’t be telling me but you will tell me some pointless scutter I didn’t ask for to try and show you are a man in the know…


my uncle cant stand him


go and ask phil harrington when you are lifting weights with him before the next dundalk game


I was talking to him yesterday morning actually… He’s in flying form.


watching last nights soccer republic here
by god Brian kerr is some man for analysis, he’s tearing Pats apart here, the lads tho arent really getting used to the gadgets on the analysis screen
Dan Murray doing ok but we really need Stuey Byrne here, the best pundit by a mile

Dundalk seem to be clicking along, Mcelhenny and mike duffy really are starting to play, Macmillan as well got a great strikers goal
i feel sorry for bohs tho, theyre part time now and really up against it, Akinade is a huge loss with what seems to be a very serious medical condition and with dinny corcoran out too it looks bleak,

lads, its not over by any means, dundalk are there, i was impressed there by those highlights, if Bray take something at the x on friday things will open up…

ive no update on the seani situation, id be shocked tho if Cark dont cash in come summer,


a propensity to rape is indeed a serious medical condition


ah jesus, are ya serious??
huge cock on him too id say

former Hapoel Ramat Gan and FC Santa Claus keeper Tomer Chencisnki had a mare for Rovers in Bray, looks a bombscare when ive seen him live



now i know why my neighbour didnt take the kids when rovers played FC RAF last season , i didnt get it when he told me Akinade is playing so leaving the daughter at home as itll be bad

bad result for limerick tonight
derry have totally imploded and are done and will go down
, thought they’d get the win up there