LOI season 2017


Why are Rovers so shit?


So shit?


For the money spent on players wages why are ye so shit?


Whats Srfcs budget?


They have a €400k sponsorship deal to start.


Ya considering yputh developme t, money, supposed support they are awful.



and we are top…

what a fucking goal


Youth development takes time mate

We will dominate Irish sport for years




Bradley is just not a very good manager; I’m not sure as to why he got the job in the first place.

But Rovers don’t have a squad that is as good as the very best, although I suppose with Finn, Miele, Connolly, Meenan, Madden; they might be expecting to do better than they are.


I doubt it. Shams seem like a sham.




this is fantastic



Great read… their LOI articles are decent tbf.


its all well , gone a bit mad at athlone
did anyone see the longford goal from the free kick the other night?
if joey barton gets 18 months for betting a few quid here and there on random league 2 games then the athlone wall and the keeper will probably never play again

there was a bizaree tweet that i saw the between the stripes lads shared where an ex longford player who plays with athlone quit last saturday night after the game to “save his season”, maybe he knew the craic



anyone know who was bankirolling them at the start of the season?
there was a portugeese coach, there’s a uruguayan lad playing up front for them now who has scored a bunch of goals by the way…
they have less than 100 people paying thru the gate… its a bizarre state of affairs


A gambling consortium. Super due diligence by the FAI. I saw 15k trying to back the three nil with Longford away to Athlone on the 10/03/17. No price up laying so did not back it. 0-3 after fifty minutes job done.


Odd you never shared this at the time


There’s been rumours coming out of Athlone all year about this crack. Its not come as much of a surprise to some of their supporters either.


strange its the first you mentioned it