LOI season 2017


I could care less about LOI my friend. Much like horse racing, I think its followers on here would prefer I don’t comment too much on it. I also could care less for betting, ditto for those here who would prefer I didn’t comment on that either.

However because Athone Town are a midlands team, they are covered by Midlands 103 and I am friendly with some of those working with them.

I am lead to believe it isn’t an uncommon belief in Irish Football circles that the 1st Division is rife for this kind of thing though?


no, that’s not accurate in fairness
the athlone supporters tho on their FB page have done trojan work researching that portugeese consortium and the strange influx of Latvian and Lithuanian players who came in and discovered some rather sinister links to previous betting rings


I can’t imagine there being any sort of liquidity in a first division LOI next goal market?


Lithuanians are dangerous bastards.


this is mad stuff…


Yea, those are the Athlone Town fans I was referring to. The clubs relationship with the local media had gone to shit from early in the season and questions were raised from the start about the situation.


And who will suffer here but the fans after the owners fuck off and leave the club fucked.


Any links to this research?
Who the fuck is laying money on these games?
You’d imagine a couple of hundred quid would skew one of these markets, hardly liquid enough to run a betting ring off?



Is it happening on Betfair?
But surely any significant trade on betfair would stick out like a sore thumb, with such little liquidity.
Are there other Far Eastern based exchanges?


Speaking of thumbs, shove yours up your hole.


Go onto “Athlone town fc fans” facebook page. It’s all laid out there. The goalie is on a UEFA monitoring list for 17 suspicious games, along with several other signings. The owners implicated in scams in Portugal. It seems they’ve been flagging it since March.
Best players not playing, the goalie letting in howlers etc.



People in the far east are betting on LOI division one matches? We should send them on a link to the degenerate gamblers thread.


This is what I don’t understand.
If it’s an exchange, who the fuck is laying the bets?
It’s a bookie, why the fuck are they laying the bets?


well people on the degenerate gamblers thread bet on first divsion gameas in Mayasia


There is no logic to it.


Record of the odds on some Asian site for another goal to be scored. They are actually going in as time runs out


It reminds me of the scene in Snatch where BrickTop is telling everyone what round the Pikie will go down in. I was wondering who the fuck takes bets on fights they know are fixed?


I’d love to see what kind of money is taken at those odds. I remember hearing before about the money changing hands on frames of snooker through these Asian gambling sites and wondering the same thing, who the fuck is on the other side