LOI season 2017


Cork City FC have drawn Levadia Tallinn, Derry City have drawn FC Midtjylland and Shamrock Rovers have drawn St Jarnanin(Iceland) in the Europa League.


Cork have the best chance to progress looking at the draw.


Weren’t Rosenburg always put up as the template for LOI clubs ??


SRFC knocked out Tallinn a few years back but that SRFC team were a lot better than this Cork one


by who mate?




wasnt he one of Mac’s underlings?


And you think coaching is good in Ireland?

Its terrible.

Check out Mark O’ Sullivan, Cork guy who moved to Sweden. Works for IFK Gotenburg, the Swedish and Canadian FA. Thats where coaching is going







no, but its really improving from when i was playing schoolboys
its not the level of Holland, spain, portugal, croatia, serbia, and places like Oregon or washington but its getting better


In what sense?


Delaney’s loan extension with Cork now confirmed.


What will be the endgame here ?


Great deal for him, goes back to getting paid fir the off season with BA. They either keep him on or City re-sign him then again next Jan.


i should have called a TFK exclusive
Clarke is some talent, potentially brilliant player




Seems high they must have him on a two year deal or something do they?


Best Oirish player of the last 20 years


that’s some interview