LOI season 2017


Who is Seani going to?


Preston, apparently.


What’s the story with a referee from the Welsh FA in charge of the Drogheda game?


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He knew this before last nights game and he goes out an puts on a performance like he did :raised_hands:t3: sums the fella up nobody deserves it more :call_me_hand:t3::call_me_hand:t3:Greg Bolger added,

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TRANSFER | @Seani_Maguire_ will join Preston North End at the end of July. Read more on CCFC.ie #CCFC84


CCFC signing yer man Patrick Hoban, ex Dk, now oxford


He was with Mansfield last season.Galway man?


No idea pal.


no idea where he’s from but i do think ure right about mansfeld
no further news on McGinn to Dundalk


McGinn is nearly 30 and had a decent career in Scotland but you wonder could he handle the step up at that age ?


Coty are signing ryan Delaney full time. Huge move.

Have someone for McGuire as well apparently. Who that is now is unknoen, maybe its that lad mickee was on about.

Delaney could play for Ireland yet


They were looking into Gaffney as a replacement a while back…


The defender Kevin O Connor has moved to Preston as well from cork, that move is 100% done
the Delaney one ios news to me, whilst great for cork, im not sure its something the young lad should be doing right now ,he was there or thereabouts at burton and not to be recalled for preseason is really not the best sign for him, im assuming this is what has prompted him to sign full time




Preston have obviously identified how ridiculously cheap LOI players are. Good for the league though more lads that get bought more lads that’ll stay here to make it rather than get lost in an academy over in the UK and retire at 20 disillusioned


the rovers and Bray/Joeys youth academys are the way forward now, even cork city last year, them progressing in the u-19 european cup went totally unnoticed, this was a massive achievment
there is some serious talent in this country, id advise anyone interested to go to watch the kennedy cup if they want to see the future of football
there are really serious improvements in coaching also at every club, Ruud Dockter and his methods and structures will eventually pay off
the NDSL had an u-13 team at a tournament in marbella over easter, they beat dynamo kiev and were in a group with Barcelona and i think vojvodinia novi sad from serbia and competed, this shows the types of player that we have here
the problem is loosing them to the english clubs at 16 where they come back just washed up, i used conor clifford as an example here, he cant hack LOI at all and had a great future when he went to chelsea first, keeping the young lads here mightnt be such a bad thing at all… the LOI has moved on from the days of Paul Hegarty , dave barry, Dave tilson and gino lawless where lads just had the living fk kicked out of them at 2pm on a sunday afternoon, and clubs like burton have the right idea loaning players to cork, they get competitive experience playing against guys with mortgages instead of playing non competitive reserve games
we’re moving in the right direction

i tell you the problem tho
unless a young lad is with joeys, kevins, belvedere or ringmahon a scout wont look at him
last year when i was over an u-13 team i had father’s calling me, threatening me that i was blocking there young , and that’s awful bollux
seami coleman’s dad used to drive him from donegal to dublin how many night’s a week?
i dunno how the parents do it really, but there are times as @TreatyStones post above shows that personifies the madness from parents
i think at our u-13 team, of the starting 11 last year at least 8 of them spent the whole july doing trials at all the dublin clubs, only 1 was selected,at least 4 of the other 7 feel complete failures, 2 quit completely and another fella went over to lucan utd


One t in tilson


Another defeat for Pats tonight, throwing away a half time lead to Bohs of all teams. Surely Buckley will be getting the bullet soon.

See you at Tolka Park next year @Ralphie


Dark days at Stadium of Lightv


Some league for goals.


Dundalk drew Rosenberg in the Champions League.